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The personal data in the Membership Form of the Ateneo Alumni Association, Inc. (AAA) is being collected and will be processed under the instruction and control of AAA as Personal Information Controller.

By accomplishing and submitting AAA’s Membership Form:

  • a) I certify that the information I provided in the Form is true and accurate;
  • b) I grant my free and unconditional consent to the collection, use, sharing, and processing of my personal data by AAA and its authorized representatives for the following purposes:
    1. Email, Text blast announcements from AAA/ADMU
    2. Membership profile studies
    3. Invitations to special events & offers
  • c) I understand that AAA and its authorized processors will retain my personal data for three (3) years. Thereafter, my personal data will be stored with the University Archives and will be used only for historical and statistical records. All other record or copies of my data will be disposed of by AAA in a secure manner.
  • d) I understand that, unless shared with others for the limited purposes declared above, all copies or records of the data retained by AAA will be accessible only by the AAA and its authorized processors
  • e) I may contact AAA Office at 4266001 local 4689 for any concerns regarding my personal data collected in the Form.
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