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Help support our Blue Babble Battalion and reward yourself with a rare chance to win season pass tickets for 2!

The Blue Babble Battalion is the official cheer/pep squad of the Ateneo de Manila University. They have five units, each with different responsibilities. The five units are: Battalion, Cheer Dancers and Lifters, Band, Brass, and Managers. They are mainly in charge of hyping and leading the crowd to cheer for Team Ateneo during a game, especially during the UAAP season.

They are there at all games for all sports – shouting at the top of their lungs, beating those drums hard, and performing their hearts out. They need our support as an alumni community and one way to help them is to ensure that they have all available equipment, gear, and instruments that are needed for their activities. This fund-raising drive, through a raffle promotion, aims to aid them financially and promptly.


1. For every donation of FIVE THOUSAND PESOS (PhP5,000.00) to this project, the Donor is entitled to ONE (1) RAFFLE ENTRY for a chance to win one of the following prizes:

Two (2) winners of TWO (2) PATRON UAAP Season 85 Season Pass Tickets (all Ateneo game days)

Two (2) winners of TWO (2) LOWER/UPPER BOX UAAP Season 85 Season Pass Tickets (all Ateneo game days)


2. Donations may be made through the following AAA donation channels:


UNIONBANK Deposit/Transfer
Account Name: Account No.: Ateneo Alumni Association, Inc.
Account No.: 00-053-000795-2
Account Type: Current Account


*See Gcash QR Code on Promo’s Pubmat.


3. Donors are required to email their proof of donation to with subject line 2022 Season Pass Raffle Promo and include the following information:
• Name of Donor
• Ateneo Batch or Unit
• Address
• Contact Number

*The donor-participants will also be required to submit a consent form on the waiver of data privacy and liability.

4. The raffle entry with a special code will be sent to the donors electronically via email through the email address used to send their proof of donation.

5. The deadline for donations to be included in the raffle is SEPTEMBER 28, 2022 by 5:00 P.M.

6. This raffle promotion is open to the Ateneo community.


7. The raffle draw will be held on SEPTEMBER 29, 2022, 11AM at the ATENEO ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (AAA) office. All raffle entries, represented by its corres

ponding individual special codes, will be physically drawn at the raffle draw event. The entire process of the draw, including placement of the ticket stubs with special codes in the draw box

, up to the actual drawing and announcement of winners will be streamed live on the Facebook page of the AAA.

8. Four (4) raffle winners will be drawn. Two (2) of which will win two (2) Patron tickets each, and another two (2) will win two (2) Lower/Upper Box tickets each. A total of four (4) pairs of UAAP 85 Season Pass Tickets will be given away.

*The lower/upper box tickets will depend on the game venue for each game and shall be understood to mean the corresponding box section immediately after the patron section of the game venue.

9. The winners shall be announced on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the Ateneo Alumni Association, and on They shall also be notified by an authorized Ateneo Alumni Association representative through the contact details they provided upon purchase of their raffle entries.

10. The season pass tickets are transferrable. Winners shall have full discretion on the use/assignment of their season pass tickets.

11. Winners shall personally redeem or shoulder the expenses for redemption of the season pass tickets for every game at the Ateneo Alumni Association Office. (2/F

John Pollock Renewal Center, Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights Quezon City). Other arrangements for ticket redemptions can be made with the Ateneo Alumni Association office.

12. The corresponding date and time of release of the season pass tickets per game along with seating assignments is subject to the discretion and authority of the Ateneo University Athletics Office.

13. The Ateneo Alumni Association, its officers, Board of Trustees, and staff shall not be liable in case of any eventuality for any reason whatsoever with regard to postponement, cancellation, or forfeiture of the individual UAAP games/events included in this promo.


📸: Fabilioh

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