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Remembering the Ignatian Value: A White and Khaki Night

Jubilarians in White and Khaki

Last July 30, 2016, Blue8791 and the Ateneo Alumni Association held “A Khaki and White Night” at Irwin Theatre.  It is a celebration of the feast of St. Ignatius and fund raising for the Homecoming Tatak Asul. More than 500 people attended the special alumni screening of the movie “Ignacio de Loyola”. The special screening was followed by the lighting of Statue of St. Ignatius and an after party.

Ateneo Alumni Association president Melissa Reyes stated that the proceeds will be donated to the homecoming beneficiaries: senior high school scholarship, Tulong Dunong scholarship, the public school feeding program Blue Plate for Better Learning, and recuperation of Ateneo de Zamboanga.

Class 4B batch ’91 representative Dondi Gomez recalled Fr. Joaquin Bernas, S.J.’s homily during their high school graduation in his speech. Fr. Bernas reminded them that they are blessed with knowledge that the institution imparted on them and values taught through the life of St. Ignatius. When they leave Ateneo, they will be faced with challenges where they all have to make a choice; to fly high like blue eagles and uplift the less privileged and down trotted or to forget their values, stoop down like black vultures and take advantage of the less privileged.

Gomez said that without enriching one’s values, it deteriorates. He said that it is important “to nurture, to remember [and] to celebrate the values in which Ignatius stood for that will hopefully make us men for others as we grow,” said Gomez.


Lighting of the Statue of St. Ignatius

After the screening, the alumni celebrated the lighting of the statue of St. Ignatius. The ceremony was opened by Fr. Nono Levosada, S.J., Assistant Head Master of the Ateneo Grade School. “Men of Loyola do not look down” Fr. Levosada said, quoting a line from the movie. “He looked up not because he was proud or he wanted to succeed. He looked up because he wanted to find where God is, in his life, during the day, and where God is leading him.”

The jubilarians sang “Marcha de San Ignacio” or “Fundador” to end the ceremony.

Ignacio de Loyola is still showing in cinemas nationwide.

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