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Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 4.33.14 PMWe always say that Onelife Studio is a culmination of dreams. A family’s dream to create a bigger family and a positive community.

We started with 131sqm and one small room for classes, and no students, but we were hopeful and we worked hard. Everybody pitched in. No job was too small for any of us; talk to clients, sell passes, clean the mats, scrub the toilets. It didn’t matter. If it had to be done, any one of us would do it. And it was great.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 4.34.24 PMWe ran an open house with free classes, and were thankfully blessed by paying students, a number of who are still with us until now. And the rest just followed. 6 months later, we were able to secure the unit next to us, and we then had 2 rooms. This allowed us to add different kinds of classes like finally introducing Suspension Training, as well as dance classes. Then early this year, we secured and opened up the unit next door.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 4.35.18 PMNow we have about 291sqm of space, 1 large room, and 1 smaller room. We now confidently offer Personal Training, have run teacher trainings for both Yoga and Pilates, and are on the cusp of offering more trainings and workshops.

Now, as we just turned 3, we are optimistic in our future. We still believe in what we are doing, but now we also understand that it is not just our dreams we are working for. We are working for the dreams of our students to become better versions of themselves; physically, emotionally, mentally, and perhaps even spiritually. We are working for the dreams of our employees and teachers, who are looking for stability and growth in such a volatile and uncertain industry. Their dreams have become our dreams as well.

9ee2ab_3c07c943c7764f209d414f2be7c10eb8We’re often asked about our logo and what it represents. If you look at it, it is a number of intertwining, connected circles. This to us represents two things: 1. It represents ourselves as the individual: we the big circle, but at the same time we are made up of different parts, represented by the smaller, intertwining circles. We have one life, but we take on many roles. And 2. It represents our place in the community, and how we are connected to and are responsible for the community at large.

Our mission is “To be agents of lifelong positive change through mindful movement”, and this mission, alongside our core values of family, ownership, excellence, integrity, balance, innovation, and community, continue to guide us as we try to make all these intertwining dreams come true.

Onelife Studio offers Pilates, Yoga, Suspension Training, Dance, and other Cardio group classes as well as personal training programs.


Address: Onelife Studio, 2F Citiplace Building, 8001 Jose Abad Santos Street Corner Calderon Street, Barangay Little Baguio, San Juan City 1500

Facebook: /TheOnelifeStudio

Instagram: @OnelifeStudio

Twitter: @OnelifeStudioPH

Mobile: 0917.8951762

Landline: 02.6715433


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