Membership Questions

What is the Ateneo Alumni Association (AAA)?

The AAA is the official body recognized by the Ateneo de Manila University as the association for all its alumni.

Who are members of the AAA?

All those who graduated from any unit of the Ateneo de Manila University, as well as those who studied in the Ateneo de Manila High School and College/Loyola Schools for at least two years, are members of the AAA. As per the AAA By-Laws, the two-year rule does not apply to Ateneo de Manila Grade School students.

What is an Active Member?

An Active Member is an alum who has contributed his or her time and resources to the projects and goals of the AAA. Active Members also receive benefits for their contributions to the AAA.

Who are Active Members?

Active members include the following:

  1. Lifetime Members
  2. Alumni who have paid their annual membership dues for the year
  3. Class Representatives
  4. AAA Visa Cardholders
  5. Updated Order of the Blue Eagle (OBE) Members

What is a Lifetime Member?

A Lifetime Member is an alumnus who is considered an Active Member for life. A Lifetime Member need not pay annual dues to the AAA.

Who are Lifetime Members?

  1. Those who have paid their Lifetime Membership dues
  2. Former and current AAA officers and members of the board

What is an Honorary Member?

Honorary Members are a non-alumni of the University (such as faculty and staff, coaches of champion teams, etc.) who have been recognized by the AAA as an Honorary Members because of their exemplary and outstanding achievements and contributions to the University.

Are Honorary Members considered Active Members?

Yes, an Honorary Member is considered an Active Member.

What are the benefits of Active Members?

Active Members are entitled to an AAA Membership Card which carries a lot of privileges and discounts with our partner merchants. The AAA Visa Card, OBE Card and AGSBAA Membership Card carry the same privileges and discounts.

I already have an AAA Visa Card. Am I considered a Lifetime Member?

No. AAA Visa Cardholders are Active Members of the AAA only while the card is in use. Active Membership ceases the moment the credit card is canceled.

I was a Board Member of the AAA. Am I considered a Lifetime Member?

Yes. All former and current Board Members are Lifetime Members of the AAA.

I am part of an AAA chapter. Am I considered an Active Member?

For as long as your chapter is recognized by the AAA and has remitted your annual dues, you are an Active Member.