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Join our Recollection on Sunday (06 July 2014)

Men’s faces: Be they wounded, be they scarred, be they imperfect, God can still work perfectly through them. Through us…..God is not just good. He is very, very, very good.

– An excerpt from the valedictory speech of Rev. Fr. Francis Alvarez, SJ, Commencement Exercises, Loyola School of Theology, AdMU, 18 March 2009

To co-celebrate Ignatian month this July with the University,the AAA invites you to its 1st Sunday recollection on 06 July 2014 from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. at the Immaculate Conception Chapel of the Church of the Gesu. The recollection is meant to be a gathering of AAA directors, past presidents, class representatives, and active alumni in prayer and reflection to help strengthen how we can help each other cope with life’s challenges the Ignatian way.

To guide us in reflection, Fr. Francis Alvarez will help us explore what it means to go “down from the hill…” and continually commit ourselves to re-igniting Christ-centered values through action in our families, our work and our communities. Having graduated from the School of Theology in 2009, Fr. Francis continues to share practical ways of living out Christ-centered values as the Philippine Star columnist for “God’s Word Today” (click the link to view past columns of Fr. Francis).

We hope you can make it. For confirmation, kindly send an email to or kindly send an SMS to +639209279686.

Have a blessed day!

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