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Cervini and Eliazo Dormers Reunion in Cebu

Some thirty years ago, in Cervini and Eliazo, hundreds of teenagers lived together, initially as strangers, then acquaintances and classmates, eventually as brothers and sisters.

Perhaps it was because everyone was living away from the comforts of home. Perhaps it was the common academic challenges posed by the Ateneo. But maybe, just maybe, it was a rare collusion of unique personalities destined to come together as one.

In November 2016, in Manila, a small group of Cervini-Eliazo ’86 batchmates sparked the idea of reliving those memories with a bigger group. The venue: Cebu.

Cervini & Eliazo in Cebu, popularly branded as CECEBU 2017, emerged from that modest 2016 reunion. Batches 1983 to 1989 were targeted.

A Viber group was created to bring as many Cervinians and Eliazoans into the loop. Close to 200 people signed in.

Peter Militante (86) encouraged the formation of a core group, one that would get the wheels spinning on the envisioned larger scale 2017 reunion. Madz Palanca Palma (85), George “Jet” Hofer (86), Angelie Yulo (86), Jourdan Polotan (87), Alice Tio Liu (87), Julius “Jayjay” Neri (87) and Hedy Bascon (88) formed this workmanlike core group that took on the gargantuan challenge of putting together the CECEBU 2017 last February 17 to 19, 2017.

Initially, 30 participants were estimated to attend. In the end, 70 Cervinians and Eliazoans came over to Mactan, Cebu. People flew in from all over the Philippines, Asia, Australia, USA and United Kingdom.

Here’s how Alex David (87) rambled about the fun-filled whirlwind of a weekend:

 “Plantation Bay, Tempura, Be Resorts Mactan, Welcome dinner at Scape Skydeck, Cebu City Skyline, Pale, Light, Tempranillo, Merlot, Malbec, Black Label, Don Papa, Rico’s lechon, banca race, drone taking photos, snorkeling, feeding the fish, shirtless Ewa, speedboat, Sa-ang, Halaan soup, pampalapot, (corny basahin, kakatawa pag napakinggan), more lechon, sino yun? all-white (not), Ateneo Pantone blue (some), Fr. Rentacs defines HOLY by the sea, dinner by the beach, close to the sky, fireworks, beer and wine pa, thunderbolt and lightning vs. Top of the World, no prize for Queen from Henry, pheromones, Henry smelling the pheromones, Peque and Mark go frolicking, crackenskull, name that dorm room, Koko and… Henry and Manang Lourdes, spooning, Korean neneng, advice from Ricobors, Chingga Boys, Xavier Boys, Jopox please claim your wife, Luzon vs Visayas vs Mindanao, Billy Joel, Cervini Boyz, Eliazo Girls. DORM. “

 This was one of life’s most rewarding experiences.  This was a short and sweet reunion for all! Cebu pulled out all the stops to welcome its visitors.  And despite week-long rains and dreary weather, God called the sun out for the Saturday island-hopping and evening party. Come Monday, February 20, the rains and gray skies were back in Cebu.


“At sa huli, isang madamdaming paalam.

Sa lahat ng dumalo, maraming salamat!

Sa mga kasamang nagbuo at naghanda, ang galing nyo!

Nawa’y mananatiling mainit ang pagsasama,

makikiliti sa mga alaala at

patuloy ang pagkakaibigan…

Sa uulitin!”



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