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AAA’s Sponsored Jesuit Volunteer Anton Alinea Now Serves in Camiguin as a Senior High Philo Teacher

“Experiencing Ignatian values under Ateneo’s tutelage is one of the reasons why I was inspired to become a JVP.” – Anton Alinea, JVP Batch 38

We are delighted to introduce you to Anton Alinea, AAA’s sponsored volunteer. Anton is an AB Communications 2016 graduate from the Ateneo de Manila University. Since college, Anton already felt a strong passion for learning and teaching. Back then, one would likely find him engaged in lengthy discussions on Philosophy and Theology with his classmates. In fact, it was in a Philosophy class where he first heard this saying that ignited a spark in him:

Ang pilosopiya ay hindi lamang pagmamahal ng dunong, ito rin ay dunong ng pagmamahal.

This inspired Anton to use his passion for the greater good, taking a break from his budding career in digital marketing to serve for a year as a Jesuit volunteer. Anton is now a Senior High School teacher at the Holy Rosary Academy, an under-resourced parochial school in the island of Camiguin.  Teaching English and Philosophy, he hopes to pass on to his students his love for learning and zeal for service.

As the saying goes, “Some give by going; others go by giving.” Thank you to the Ateneo alumni community for going with JVPFI to the peripheries by enabling a trained volunteer to make a lasting impact in an under-resourced community. We hope that through our forthcoming updates on Anton’s volunteer work, you can joyfully share in Anton’s mission.

The Jesuit Volunteers Philippines Foundation Inc. (JVPFI) engages in nation-building by sending volunteers as teachers, formators, community organizers, enterprise development officers to under-resourced schools, parishes, and NGOs across the country. With their training, experience, and networks, Jesuit volunteers empower these marginalized communities towards creating a more just society for all. Now on its 38th year, JVPFI has successfully deployed over a thousand volunteers across the nation to serve where they are needed most.



Anton Alinea with Senior High Philosophy Class

It costs PHP 150,000 (USD 3,000) to send, train and support a volunteer for a year. If you or your alumni batch wish to share in JVP’s mission, visit or contact JVP at (02)4265908 /

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